Guerrilla Gardening

Local residents have applied to the Community Planting Fund through the Community Center and have secured funding for local green space improvements.

When social distancing restrictions are lifted the group will meet again to discuss the next steps as a collective, but individual actions of planting and improvement are encouraged!

Want to know more? Get in-touch on the below form.

🔲 to do
❌ not doing
✔️ done

Location 1 – Piers Cafe

✔️ Add a small tree
✔️ Plant small trugs with plants
🔲 Add Lower Green to trugs

Location 2 – Moore Lane Railway Arch

✔️ Remove rubbish
🔲 Slightly raised planter with soil
🔲 Various tall plants
🔲 Welcome to and/or thanks for visiting lower green sign

Location 3 – Cobb Green

🔲 Fix the mud bath with aggregate
🔲 Add a bug hotel
🔲 Work with the school in surrounding areas to plant things
🔲 Increase the daffodils in the verge as has been done by the residents to the east

Location 4 – Station Approach

🔲 Fix fence
🔲 Clear rubbish
🔲 Plant shrubs

Location 5 – Royal Mills Ait Nature Reserve

🔲 Clean walls
🔲 Paint metal black
🔲 Add wild flowers and plants
🔲 Add bird watching and nature signage

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