Middlesex XXV Map of 1872 With Lower Green Esher

In the OS Middlesex map published in 1872 you can clearly see Lower Green and the prominence the local area commanded. The following is all visible and testament to the thriving nature of the community; Mill Cottages, Papermills road, Boat House, City Post, Wosley Grange, Wells, Old Paper Mills, The Grove, Pound Farm and the London South Western Railway.

Local Representatives for Lower Green Esher

The following is a list of local representatives who should be able to help, should you have any local concerns.

Member of Parliament

Rt Hon Dominic Raab MP

Elmbridge Councillors

Richard Williams

Simon J. Waugh

David J. Archer

1923 Map of Lower Green Esher

This map produced in 1923 shows the full extent of Lower Green, it can clearly be seen that More Lane was previously known as Lower Green Lane.

Development was sparse with Mill Lane, an un identified road (Farm Road), Lower Green Road and Douglas Road. Douglas Road was short and not yet connected to the Woodlands etc.

Esher Place, Waynefleet Tower and the surrounds were made up of mostly green space, this would have been a truly magnificent sight.

The Grove and the surrounding area now makes for Arran Way, the extension of Douglas Road and Cobb Green.

Beyond Esher

Edward McKnight Kauffer produced this striking purple and green painting for Transport for London in 1916, and it is preserved in the TFL archive. The painting was modified into print for the No 178 Surrey Heaths advertisement.