The Old Cottage, Grove Farm, Arran Way, Lower Green Esher

Tucked away in the heart of Lower Green is a Grade II Historic England listed building, it is a two story timber framed cottage, this building is in need of urgent restoration. It is owned by Surrey Country Council and our community deserves this treasure restored and cherished.

Richard Williams has a detailed article on the building which can be read on the Esher Residents website.

There is also a detailed description of the building on the Exploring Surreys Past website stating that the history goes back to 1005, when it was known as “Bulanweorthe” and later ” Buleworth”. The building has also been known as “Wicker’s”, “Standers farm” and “The Grove”.

The Surrey Archaeological Society have also documented the excavation of the land near by, to the east.

Photo: Richard Williams, Esher Residents Association

John Cobb, Lower Green Esher

John Cobb, the world record land speed holder, lived on Arran Way, the remains of the property were found during an excavation of the area by Tom Munnery, an archaeologist working for the Surrey County Archaeological Unit . Cobb Green is located at the end of Arran Way, very close to The Old Cottage, and is probably a homage to the record breaker.